Angel Paint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is also fast drying and smooth textured.



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Angel Fabric Paint is produced in British Columbia. It has been on the market since 1986, and was researched and developed, over a period of six years, by Jackie Haliburton. She was looking for a paint that would stay soft on the fabric to which it was applied, stay true to the colours, and not fade or run, even when washed. Once heat set, the design stays on the fabric forever.

Because of its ability to stay soft on the fabric, ANGEL FABRIC PAINT will work equally well on almost any fabric - naturals such as cotton, wool, silk, rayon, etc.; synthetics - nylon, polyester, acrylic; blends such as polyester/cotton, leather, stretch fabric such as spandex, and also canvas. It also works well on paper, clay, plaster, wood, stones, unfinished ceramics, some kinds of carpet, shower curtains, umbrellas - in fact just about any kind of material.